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儀器分類: 電子顯微鏡

放置地點: 臺大新物理館 凝態中心 R. 831


1.螢光顯微鏡 Zeiss LSM510

2.鈦藍寶石飛秒脈衝雷射系統 Spectra physics Tsunami-Opal

3.解剖型顯微鏡 Zeiss Stemi-2000C



1.Zeiss LSM 510 Laser scanning fluorescence confocal microscope
Zeiss LSM 510 laser scanning fluorescence confocal microscope is a fully automated microscopy system and is composed of motor-driven collimators, objective lenses, scanning mirrors, individually adjustable and position pinholes, and highly sensitive detectors, which are fully integrated and supported by user-friendly control software for optimizing specimen illumination and efficient fluorescence collection. Along with motorized hardware, IBM-compatible desktop equipped with high-performance graphic card and OpenGL software allows 3D image reconstruction and versatile imaging features such as multi-tracking separating over-lapping spectra, multifluorescence optimizing system configuration for maximal signal yield, and linear unmixing separating mixed signal pixel by pixel.

2.Ti:Sapphire Femtosecond Laser System (Spectra Physics Tsunami-Opal)
A combination of Tsunami and Opal systems generates a broad range of visible and infrared wavelength. Tsunami is a solid-state diode-pump laser module outputs infrared pulses with pulse duration of around 100 femtosecond, 2 Watts in average power, and a tuning range of wavelength from 700nm to 1080nm. Majority of power of laser beam generated by Tsunami is necessary to pump Opal, which is a thermally controlled optical parametric oscillator capable of rendering infrared wavelength ranging from 1.35 μm to 1.6 μm with an average power of around 300 mW, and the output wavelength of Opal can be frequency doubled by a BBO crystal for generation of visible wavelength.

3.Zeiss Stemi-2000C Dissection microscope
Zeiss Stemi-2000c stereo microscope offers video adaptability, one-click continuous zoom ranging from 1X to 7.7X, magnification range of 6.5X to 250X, and field of view from 118mm to 1mm, and enables applications such as precision sample dissection and real-time 3D imaging, which is produced the greenough optical system.



1.(OM-1)掃描式螢光共軛焦與多光子顯微影像擷取 (正立/倒立式) Scanning confocal microscopy and scanning multiphoton microscopy image acquisition
2.(OM-2)影像處理Image processing
3.(OM-3)國內"活體動物影像裝置"技術轉移Technology transfer of in vivo imaging devices

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收費標準: (1hr/NTD)
1.(OM-1): 學術界 academia users: 300 ; industrial users: 1,500.
2.(OM-2): 學術界 academia users: 20 ; industrial users: 320.
3.(OM-3): 學術界 academia users: 3,000 ; industrial users: 3,200 (設計轉移與一小時為上限的技術諮詢服務。之後諮詢 (學術界) 以每小時50元為準