Ultrasound Imaging Core


Pai-Chi Li, Distinguished Professor, Institute of Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics, National Taiwan University



Chi-Kuang Sun, Distinguished Professor


This ultrasound core lab aims at providing ultrasound related molecular imaging services. The specific items include:

Ultrasound and photoacoustic molecular imaging: imaging services, molecular probe designs, in vitro and in vivo experiments. Using our high frequency ultrasound system with a 20MHz push probe and a 40MHz imaging probe, the liver stiffness was measured serially in C57/BL6 male mice for 4 weeks by shear wave elasticity.


HFU System


Custom design ultrasound sensors: leveraging existing equipments, providing custom design services of ultrasound sensors, including ceramic sensors, MEMS sensors and theragnostic sensors.



Figure 1. Serial changes of tissues elastography



For optimizing the ultrasound image-guided injection performance, a unique needle injector has been created to integrate with the probe of the high frequency ultrasound imaging system. The image plane is always coplanar with the needle. The needle image can be seen during the whole injection process.