Submitted on 2016-12-21 03:47:59



Hsien-Yeh Chen, Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University


Wei-Fang Su, Distinguished Professor; Chung-May Yang M.D.and Professor; Ta-Ching Chen M.D.; Min-Huey Chen, Professor; King-Fu Lin, Professor; Wen-Bin Liau, Professor; Feng-Yu Tsai, Associate Professor; Chi-Yang Chao, Associate Professor; Jiaching Yu, Assistant Professor



The objective of molecular engineering core lab is to develop novel scaffold materials for tissue engineering through molecular design. The focus areas are in preventive and regenerative medicine in visual neural pathway and central nervous system. Standing on the basis of improving optical imaging techniques in ophthalmology, further explorations in molecular imaging are anticipated for monitoring potential therapies. We aim to achieve the goal of neural protection and regeneration in these fields by combining expertise in fundamental science, engineering and clinical research through tissue engineering technology.

Molecular Engineering Core Photo 01

Figure 1. Graging Incidence Small-Angle X-ray Scattering, GISAXS(NANOSTAR/BRUKER AXS GmbH) for morphology study of soft matter

Molecular Engineering Core Photo 02

Figure 2. Scanning near field optical microscope/confocal microscope/scanning Raman microscope(Witec alpha300, Germany) for structure and morphology study of soft matter

Molecular Engineering Core Photo 03

Figure 3. Surgical microscope and real-time optical/fluorescence imaging system for animal study(Zeiss, OPMI series, Germany)