Conference Venue Address

No.9 CenLin Alley, Lugu Township, Nantou County(NTU Experimental Forest Xitou Forest)


Free Shuttle Service (highly recommended)

Free shuttle bus service will be provided by MIC to transport participants from Taipei(NTU main campus) to Xitou Nature Education Area and back. Participants are advised to arrive at the boarding point 30 to 45 minutes earlier.

Please sign up for the free shuttle bus service in registration.

Shuttle Bus Route                                                                                   Date/Time

Taipei(NTU main campus → Xitou Nature Education Area                    6 November / 08:30 a.m.

Xitou Nature Education Area → Taipei(NTU main campus                    8 November / 11:00 a.m.

*The above schedule is subject to change when necessary



Northern area → exit Freeway from Zhushan Interchange, go to the direction of Zhushan (not entering the urban area), change to Route 151 via Lugu →Xitou

Southern Area → exit Freeway from Douliu Interchange, go through Linnei and change to Route 3A, then change to Route 151 to Lugu→Xitou


Public Transportation

2 hours 30 minutes, cost around NT$930/one way, or NT$1,860/round trip

*Taipei Station → Xitou Nature Education Area

    Taiwan High Speed Rail

    Taipei Station → Taichung Station (52 mins, around NT$765)

    Bus #6883

    Taichung Station → Xitou Nature Education Area (1 hour 20 mins, around NT$165)


*Xitou Nature Education Area → Taipei Station

    Bus #6883

    Xitou Nature Education Area → Taichung Station (1 hour 20 mins, around NT$165)

    Taiwan High Speed Rail

    Taichung Station  → Taipei Station (52 mins, around NT$765)


For further information of Bus #6883 timetable, please click here.