General Information

Symposium Venue

Xitou Education Area

55842 No.9, Senlin Lane, Lugu Township, Nantou County 558, Taiwan

Tel: +886-049-261-2111



Registration & Tea Break

The Registration Desk will open from 13:00 am at 1F Lobby on Nov. 6th. Refreshments will also be served every tea break in the same area.


Internet Service

Education Center

XT_EduCenterGuest:Klick the button “connect” after opening the browser

XT_EduCenterAuth:Password 0492612210


Log Cabin

66XX or N66XX:Connect to the internet directly


Red Building

XT_RedBuildingGuest:Klick the button “connect” after opening the browser


Oral Presentation

For invited speakers, you will have 15 minutes for presentation and Q&A. We will provide a laptop with Windows system, a projector, and a laser pointer for your convenience. In case you wish to use our computer, please kindly submit your file at the registration desk As Early As Possible (at least before your session starts). On the other hand, if you wish to use your own laptop, please be sure to check it’s connection to the projector. Please feel free to contact us if you need any further assistance.


Poster Session

The poster size should not exceed 80cm*150cm (width*height) in PORTRAIT. Your poster number will be delivered and confirmed on the proceedings. Please follow the allocated number and tag your poster on the board at 1F Lobby. For each poster, at least one author is required to present during the poster session.


Poster Presentation Session

Each eligibility selected for Best Paper Awards will have 15 minutes for oral presentation and Q&A. A laptop with Windows system, a projector, and a laser pointer are provided. Presenting the theme of the abstract via laptop on your own is allowed, too. Please contact us with your further inquiries if in need.



Best Paper & Poster Awards will be awarded in the closing ceremony on Nov. 8th, and the consequent are going to be announced on the website of Molecular Imaging Center.